Client refurbished whole building and realised the current diesel tank does not adhere to current Singapore Standards and engaged us to modify current fuel system to be submitted to Singapore authorities while still viable for use to power up their building generators. To also modify their current exhaust pipeline to fit the current structure of the building

  • Steel works
  • Disposal of fuel and purging of tank
  • Disposal of old fuel tank
  • Fabrication of new fuel tank 
  • Laying of new fuel pipeline from tank to genset
  • Testing and commissioning 
  • Submission to authorities
Signal Cable Pulling
At PCG Brani

Replacement of armoured power and data cables to 15 fuel dispensers at Police Coast Guard Brani.
Removal of existing damaged cables underground and lay new armoured cables to the new dispenser.
Replace new control panel.

  • Removal of floor slabs
  • Laying of signal cables
  • Control panel fabrication 
  • Electrical termination
  • Testing and commissioning


SBS Bedok Depot

Client had leaking diesel pipes underground and agreed to replace all diesel pipes serving 12 numbers of dispensers to top up their bus fleets daily. Had to carry out replacements while depot was still live and run underground pipes through the bus depot

  • Excavation and identification of current fuel pipes
  • Laying of new diesel pipes
  • Laying of new signal cables for dispensers
  • Fabrication and installation of new DB box
  • Replacement of all diesel transfer pumps
Fuel Distribution System
At 5 Tuas Avenue 5

New logistics building being built, client wanted a fuel system to top up the heavy vehicles going in and out of the area. Came in as consultants on the design and specialist for the installation of the system.

  • Install underground fuel tank
  • Install supply pipes from submersible pump
  • Install 2 dispensers with double fuelling functions
  • Install tank gauging system
  • Commissioning of system
Tank Installation
At Tee Yeh Jia Senoko Rd

Client wanted a fuel system to supply to gensets as a backup power to run the building. Came in as specialist to take over and install the fuel system of the area.

  • Supply backfill material for tank chamber
  • Install double wall FRP tank
  • Supply monitoring well for the chamber
  • Supply manhole skirting and cover for tank
  • Supply manhole skirting and cover for monitoring well
Repair Works
For Underground Pipes

Clients released the tender for repairs and improvement on existing infrastructure for underground pipes and vent pipes. We assessed the situation preliminary with a site visit and with the tender document.

  • Excavate into the concrete ground based on old blueprints and with the aid of our sensory equipment for location of pipes
  • Assess the actual condition of the pipes physically for next course of action
  • Improve the vent pipes infrastructure
  • Ensure and check that waterproofing is done with vigorous tests

Excavation works commenced and the repair work soon followed. The project was completed efficiently within the stipulated time frame. Take a quick look at what we’ve done in the gallery below.

27 Cosford Tunnel Survey

Removal of underground water to ensure safe entry for works to be done inside the underground tunnel.

Confined space assessment and rescue services provided to client.

  • Confined space assessment and rescue services
  • Disposing of underground water 
  • Survey for hazard underground
ACSI Leaking Pipe Repair

Clients’ physics lab 2 had a leaking pipe which caused damaged ceilings to the library below. Posted a tender to rectify and repair leaking pipe and library ceiling

  • Removal of current floor tiles
  • Water pipe tracing
  • Identifying leaking area
  • Rectification of leaking pipe
  • Pressure testing of new pipeline
  • Reinstatement of floor tiles
  • Scaffolding erection and dismantling
  • Removal of damaged ceiling boards
  • Installation of new ceiling boards
AMAT Barrier and Platform

Clients’ safety team identified Work at Height hazards for inhouse technicians to carry out works. Engaged us to design, fabricate and install safety measures for ease of work to the inhouse technicians

  • Steel Fabrication
  • Load calculations
  • PE endorsed drawings
  • Installation of barriers and platform
Beaver Vehicle wash system

Designed a more advanced and user friendly car wash machine for public use in multi storey carparks to eliminate use of cash and easier tracking of machine usage providing better quality equipment in the machine for better washes

  • Steel works
  • Flow rate calculations
  • Machine maintenance
  • Machine installations
  • Design
Heads up Barber Shop

Client reached out to us for help to modify current shophouse into a barbershop. Had to re-do the current water supply piping works and drainpipe works as current piping’s were worn out and leaking. Installed mirrors, tables and chairs for haircut. Also ran new cables for lighting and aircon

  • Piping
  • Electrical cable laying and termination
  • Testing and commissioning

Client purchased an additional Generator for the building and wanted to have a fuel system for it

  • Steel tank fabrication
  • Fuel pipe laying
  • Pressure test
  • Diesel transfer
  • Commissioning

Client post a tender to maintain genset systems and to carry out testing and submission for the current fuel system in place. We were awarded the job as we were the only one with relevant track records and expertise to carry out both items in the tender

  • Relocation of diesel to carry out NDT test of the tank
  • Pressure test of fuel tank and pipeline
  • Maintenance of generator and fuel system

Client initially wanted to investigate source of leakage as genset daytanks had traces of water. We came in and purged the pipeline and found that the diesel tank was leaking so we removed as much diesel from the tank as possible to decommission the tank and pipelines connected to the tank

  • Investigation of leak
  • Fuel piping works
PCG Brani Base

Client had fuel dispensers roughly 800m away from control panels and requested to replace current signal cables that has shorted to be able to remotely activate the pumps to top up the boats

  • Removal of floor slabs
  • Laying of signal cables
  • Control panel fabrication 
  • Electrical termination
  • Testing and commissioning
PCG Gul Base

Client faced issues while topping up diesel into underground storage tank. Did an investigation and concluded that air is not escaping enough while top up causing airlock in the diesel tank. Excavated out current vent pipes and replaced with new pipes

  • Removal of concrete slab
  • Purging of diesel pipeline
  • Laying of new pipeline and pressure test 
  • Reinforcement of FRP skirting for pipe entry
Singtel Geylang Exchange

A&A works for the telecom building included replacement of gensets and cooling tower. Removed all water pipes at the rooftop and lay new pipes connecting to the new cooling tower and new gensets. Installed new fuel pipes as well to supply to both gensets

  • Steel works
  • Water piping works
  • Fuel piping works
  • Exhaust pipe installation works
TYJ Senoko

New building being constructed to host fresh supplies needed a working fuel system to run the generator to ensure power is never cut off. Installed an underground fuel tank with skirtings and manhole cover to supply fuel to the generator

  • Backfilling tank chamber
  • Installation of monitoring well
  • Installation of manhole skirting and cover
UMC Diesel Tank Ladder Repainting

Building is located near the sea and has a vertical diesel tank to supply to pillar gensets for the building. As the ladders is quite high, there is a lot of rust marks on the ladder which makes the ladder look unsafe. Client requested to refurbish the ladder with marine grade items.

  • Work at height
  • Painting
  • Rust removal
UMC Genset Pipeline Repair

As building is quite old, the diesel pipelines are leaking quite badly, and client requested to refurbish the diesel pipeline. Came in to consult and repair the diesel pipeline without removing as building will always require diesel supply

  • Pipeline investigation
  • Pipeline removal
  • Temporary pipeline installation
  • Pipeline rectification and installation
  • Testing and commissioning
Yishun Gate Fabrication

Client wanted to have better security guarding his workshop, drew out a foldable gate and fabricated at clients workshop to be installed and providing better security for the workshop

  • Steel works fabrication and installation
  • Design and build
  • Testing and commissioning

Track Record

Replacement and rectification work for siphon line and vent pipe at Police Coast Guard Gul Regional Base

Replacement of ball float valve and repair of piping for water system in Ren Ci Hospital

Replacement of Hose Reel at PCG Brani

Installation of fuel system at 5 Tuas Ave 5

Pressure test of underground tank at Singtel Jurong East exchange

Installation of fuel pipe at Changi Airport

Installation of underground tank at Tee Yeh Jia Senoko Road

Pressure test at Singtel Paya Lebar Exchange

Draining and purging of fuel at One Marina Boulevard

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